Fund Overview

The Approach

A distinctive non-correlated approach to hedged equity

  • A hedged equity fund, not a market-neutral fund
  • Absolute return objective
  • Value Oriented long holdings
  • Active, options-based risk management; no single-stock shorting


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What makes us unique?

"The IP Fund has generated solid risk-adjusted returns with very low correlation to the equity indices. We offer a distinctive value proposition and meaningful risk diversification by blending long volatility hedging positions with the inherently short volatility characteristics of our equity portfolio."


Philip Smith, Portfolio Manager

How It Works

Portfolio constructed to protect your wealth

  1. Core Equity Portfolio: the engine for long term growth which uses the bulk of our capital
  2. Hedge Portfolio: actively managed portfolio of index options that position the fund to navigate uncertainty
  3. Cash: both a residual and tactical allocation to manage risk and be positioned for opportunity
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Why Should You Partner With Us?

Results you can believe in

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The IP Fund experiences approximately half the volatility and drawdown characteristics of the S&P 500 and S&P/TSX Composite while generating competitive returns


10 Year Operational History


The Fund's hedging strategy met its objectives through the two significant declines it faced


The IP Fund aims for a higher quality, lower risk, and directionally-agnostic return stream over time

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